Time Series....WHY?

Why did they have to bring it down to L2, why I ask, why? Those who passed L2 last year escaped this bad boy, watch if by some remote chance I pass this year, they will move it back up to L3…I am just that lucky…

I mean seriously, this section is absolutely ridiculous, there is so much minutae that they could test…there is no way I’m memorizing all this stuff for the 5-10% weight in quant…anybody else have any solid strategies for this section?

My strategy=Hope they don’t test time series, or if they do ask me a question like forcasting an out-of-sample variable. Hopefully from quant they will focus on ANOVA tables and variance and covariance. Although that is very wishful thinking.

I think I will have to make up in other sections like FSA and Equities for the loss I will have in Quants.

I’ll take time series over pensions. I just straight up suck at the calculations.

Can we just have a whole test on Equities,FI, and Derivs? I’d be sipping pina colodas on the beach if that were the case

I think another poster already said this, but I think CFA has a tendency to ask simpler questions about really difficult topics, so while I’m not killing myself over the topic I do want to make sure to know the basics. There’s another thread here focused on how to remember things like multicollinarity, heteroskedacity, etc. Its pretty funny and I surely will remember those now that I’ve read it, so I would say at a minimum know that.

I agree… with a complex topic like time series, I’ve accepted that I’m not going to have a good grasp on it no matter what I do so I’m going to try to get the basics down so I can at least answer some of the questions… and cross my fingers that it won’t be on there!

Looking at time series gives me a new respect for people like Joey D. I mean all the other subjects I am pretty good at understanding. I may forget a formula or misread a question. But with quant I have no clue. I’m just remember “rules” without really understanding. The people who came up with this stuff are in another league.

^ Agree 100%. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone over it and so much of it still just sounds like gibberish to me.

yeah, a league of dorks with propeller hats that sit on the bench and suck their thumb because they got picked last in kickball again…thanks CFA, this is what you’ve lowered me too, randomly insulting imaginary people, thanks for that!! I need a break.

where is that other thread? I’d like to see it

Bumped it for ya.