Time to get membership

After passing all 3 levels, what is the maximum amount of time in which you can apply for a membership in order to become a chartholder? For example, can you apply ten years after you passed the third level?

who knows. call the CFAI

No time limit, CFA exams are for life

I don’t see why not, just as long as you don’t use “,CFA” after your name

I think that you should try to apply and not to wait too long. I believe if they change the membership requirements in the future, you will have to meet the new guidelines. However, if you have already been evaluated, you are not covered in the new rules.

Interestingly, while I haven’t seen anything on limits to apply for CFAI membership, I think I saw that the FRM does require you to apply 2 years after completing the exams otherwise you have to retake