Time to question our lifestyle, look how we live! does this feel like a recession to you guys?

i know there are people struggling like my fiance’s family. but in my family. we are multiple times better. its fascinating what is happening in this huge divide!

2020’s been really good to me! No recession in my household. With the WFH situation my standard of living and quality of life have improved.

things were bad until the day I got a mechanical keyboard, now it is fun all day long

Other than I’m taking a mild haircut on year end variable pay, no. But truth is I’ve had my best year in 15. It was a bad year to have a good year.

Edit, and to expand on that. Not to sound like a smug d!ck, but reality is this recession hit the lower class significantly more than than the middle and upper. It’s asset price inflation. If you’re in a stable industry and own assets, both real and financial you’re likely better off today than you were on Jan 1. If not, you’re not. Hard reality but the rich get richer.

Edit edit. Where is @Black_Swan? Kind of miss him setting everybody straight and now seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. It’s eerily quiet given the most dragged out election in 20 years. Almost like ppl thought Biden was going to stroll away with it.

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Lol it was so bad that I heard Pelosi was already making plans on what to do wothtbhe assumption that the senate was going to flip. How wrong they were! They thought they could buy the election!

I have it on good authority that he’s in the corner of a darkened room simultaneously crying and wanking over old Trump tweets and muttering away to himself about what could have been

you must be thinking of hpr? bs was closer to the middle i think. a buddy of mine just lost his run for mayor. he dropped 200k i think. i tried to call him to see how he is doing, but didnt answer. i picture he is doing what you described. its crazy though. they are young, rich, and good looking. what are they doing trying to help the homeless. they should be turning up.

“wothtbhe”? No comprendo, mijo!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


:+1: Lo siento.

I’ll go fetch myself some liver and onions. :grimacing:

Liver’s gross.

I actually like pate (pork, goose, chicken), but for some reason, beef liver grosses me out!!

Liver is the body’s filter! No wonder the taste is peculiar.

someone once asked a student to use liver and cheese in a sentence.
student says ayyyy ese liver alone cheese my girlfriend.