Time to shut Mocks and back to Basic/Revision of Notes?

Hi All,

I am sure most of you would have completed all mocks and some of you would complete it in max 1-2 days. What is the strategy for next 4 days?? Anything different you’re going to follow other than revising notes/formulas and Ethics?

I havent finished the online assessments as yet so i’m gonna do that. Also i have skipped a couple of relatively small topics such as Regulation, Primer on investing, strategy needs a strategy… Gonna read those. For Equity, FRA and FI i’m gonna flip thru the study guides again from cover to cover. It may take time but i may find some gaps in my knowledge while going over examples. Especially ones that need time and require a few fomulas. And i am gonna write derivatives, FI, Equity and CF formulas a couple of times to nail it in my head.

I’m also going to finish out the online assessments. Then I’m going to go over some EOC’s of the topics that I did the worst in. While working on memorizing formulas.

Im going through all EOCs/BBs of the heavy weights (FRA/Equity/FI/CF/Ethics/Derivs) and finishing up the Practice assessments online that I havent completed. No more mocks for me. Trying to solidify my knowledge and get me ready for Saturday.

Practice Assessments are again down. I completed a month back but i wanted to go back to them where i didnt score well. They have even removed my scores (I dont remember where i was not doing well). Last week is becoming too cumbersome because of all these.

I will do following for next 3 days -

  1. FRA REVISION again.

  2. EOC of CFAI BOOK (for all topics - would just refer them so i know by question which i can solve and which i cannot). I see most of the questions in CFAI are numerical rather than statement/phrases types. (AM I RIGHT with this perception)

  3. Practice Assesment (again quick glance, especially for Derivates/FI/PM/and Ethics)!

  4. Thursday - Half day Ethics.

  5. Friday - Ethics and Formulas.

Saturday - Till Evening - Exam and Night - Just Beer with my Friends :slight_smile:

That’s a very ambitious schedule mate. A sure-fire way to burn out in the final three days…

I know…I am trying to clock 12 hours a day with 4 hours of sleep!

Take care of yourself man. I always make sure to get 2 hours of break everyday and 8 hours of sleep. You will perform badly on the exam if you do not rest and sleep well.

Sure PM. Thanks much! I will just follow as much as i can. By Thursday noon, if i dont complete, i will leave all and go back to Ethics… 8 hours sleep from Thursday night!

I’m going to do all of the topic based practice assessments on the CFAI site (finished equities yesterday), skim through the 11th hour book, pray that quant somehow clicks for me in these past few days, memorize formulas off my note cards, and probably some more EOCs on Derivatives and Fixed Income since those are my weaker topics. Planning on putting in 8-10 hours a day today-thursday. Friday I’m just doing some ethics and reviewing my note cards.

Awesome! Lucky you, you have another day today. I just have three. Tuesday will get over in next four hours! :stuck_out_tongue:

Last couple days into tomorrow I am re-doing eoc’s and bb’s, Thursday going to do lots of ethics then Friday review everything. At this point you gotta refine your knowledge, if there are any topics you don’t know you’re going to be in tough to learn and retain them with so few days left. I find as the exam gets closer my nerves start kicking in because you want to know everything but in the end you can never know 100% of every area. Each night I’ve been doing an overview of everything to try and keep it fresh

Today: finishing my 3rd mock (I know)

Tomorrow: will be revision on FI EOCs and some FRA EOCs.

Thursday: CFAI Mock

Friday: Half a day revision from notes, mostly formula refreshment, then watch a movie.

Today: review CFAI mock PM + do Ethics EOC Qs (I haven’t done them yet)

Tomorrow: finish topic assessments and review several concrete LOS which I don’t know well

Thursday: check with Formula sheet whether there are formulas I don’t know & EOC Qs for FRA and FI

Friday: review everything from notes.

I’m finishing the online practice questions on the CFAI website right now, only have 5 vignettes to go. I’m going to do a mock this evening, as well as tomorrow morning then I’m going to redo the EOC on Equities, Financial Analysis, Fixed Income, and Derivatives (if I can fit it) until Friday. On Friday I’m just going to re-read ethics and redo those EOC.

My main focus right now is getting to bed at a normal time, eating well, and staying mentally strong and focused. I think I’ve learned what I’m gonna learn at this point and I’m satisfied with the level of effort I’ve put in thus far (will be 420 hours by exam day and sadly I actually read entire CFAI cirriculum and did the EOCs) so I don’t want to hijack that by being exhausted or overly stressed on the exam day.

Good luck everyone!!

Watch Margin Call…you can relate to Ethics.

I agree with all of you…next four days…just relax, be calm, and healthy! And have a good sleep at right time. If someone has not been able to complete things in last six months, they would not be able to complete in next 3 days. So just focus on things you know you can complete. By the way just finished Revision of FRA again. Now time to start with EOC which i didnt solve and look specifically for some topics (Derivates/FI/Quants/AI/ECO. I am not doing EOC now for CF/Equity/FRA coz already solved many of them in EOC before, Assessments and Mocks. Time to work on some smaller things to make it BIG!

Hm, I didn’t find anything unethical in Margin call. Maybe I still need to reread Ethics in the last days.

That’s what…sometimes you feel things are unethical around you but its not. Nevertheless, selling out MBS from firm accounts before clients’ is perhaps violation! If not, court cases wouldnt have happened?

I don’t remember this moment. Then yes, we have violation of VI(B).