Time to step away from the exams?

I am thinking its that time…taken a bunch, now reviewing wrong questions and going through homemade sauce. What’s the plan…funky random memorization stuff or sticking to the basics and hoping for the best? 3 more days baby and we get our lives back

I am definitely steppingn away. I’m going to review ALL of my schweser lecture notes tonight. Tomorrow i will review all of book 6 wrong answers and all of my flash cards. That is my plan.

Wrote Mock 1 today. Will write Mock 2 tomorrow. Was saving these until last to test my real readiness. Will be straight review after that.

I still haven’t done the 2006 exam questions but at this point I’m not sure I will. I’d like to get a good review of quant and FI in before the test and then review some of the FSA/equity concepts that I’m having a harder time with. Plus I intend to read the SoPH and SS once more. Not sure that leaves me any time for more test questions… but at this point I’ve done all of the CFAI sample and mocks so I have a good gauge of what I need to work on in the next 2 days.

2006 would be a nice confidence booster, though :wink:

Really? Hmm… maybe I will try a vignette or two then…

Aimee I’m with you. I’m not sure how good of a proxy the L2 2006 exam will be to Saturday’s exam (since its 2 years old). I think the CFA Mocks and Samples currently available will be more reflective of Saturday’s exam. I’m going to write the Mocks today and today and tomorrow review my weak areas in Quant, FI and Econ by doing a few Schweser questions. Think I’m OK everywhere else (crossing fingers…)

again and again i keep hearing level 2 is conceptual like level 1 going through end of reading summaries right now in schweser beating the equations into my dead b/c the equations will be tested conceptually 1luv to all

I’m done with exams but will do some Q-bank q’s on stuff I’ve made mistakes on + review of the samples and exams.