TIME, wtf?

That kid is going to have issues…


Need a ruling from Frankie. Does the kid attached to her breast increase or decrease her HCB rating?

I’m jealous of the kid.

HAHAHA greatest magazine cover I have ever seen. I burst out laughing about the look on that kids face. Friggin hilarious.

Kim K is in Toronto today!!!

That kid looks way older than 3 yo!

Milk. Does a body good!

Her’s look small, do they still produce?

I’m dumbfounded.

But yes, that kid’s middle school life is going to be hell.

^ I bet your opinion about toddlers on planes would change if you were sitting next to him and mom when feeding time arrived.

I dunno man. She is undeniably attractive, but breast feeding freaks me out. I would really really be awkwarded out.

The kid already has that pervert look in the eyes.

Ahhh, tonight I’ll sleep in peace knowing a new generation will follow our steps and some day the lives of a new crop of young men will spin around banging chicks.


Ok no, this is weird and bizarre and messed up.

Have to agree with Palantir on this one. While I woundn’t mind changing places with the lad (sans the fresh milk, that stuff is really gross), you shouldn’t still be on mommy’s teat at 3yo.