Timing problem for Financial Acounting problems

Hi, I was just doing one sample test for Schewser Test for Financial Reporting. I am taking around 1.5 min average for questions but more time are consuming for calculating Dilute EPS problems because they have given lots of data regarding preferred shares, bonds and options excise which need lots of calculation to get total outstanding shares. How you guys are doing and tell me how to improve the speed in this section.

If you think it is a lot of data, wait until you see the vignettes in level II :slight_smile: You are doing fine. Take it easy, you are not going to fail if you can’t answer one question, while you seem to do excellently otherwise. If you want a short cut, calculate the basic EPS then guess the ones that is lower than it, that will normally lower the choice to one or two.

Also, remember that the Schweser tests have more calculation based questions compared to the CFA tests. So while CFA will have some time consuming calc-based questions, there will be proportionally more text based questions for you to make the time back. Cheers