timing question

im looking at these problems and (such as aeolus in the cfai and im curious are people actually able to read these questions and do these problems in an average of 3 minutes each?

unless you have taken multiple mock exams in the timed setting and or are really fast overally… the 3 hour limit is tight and most people are rushing to finish towards the end.

the idea is that some questions can be answered very quickly but others may take 10+ minutes. if thats what it takes to find the right answer. obviously if you know the formulas, the process is alot faster than having to play around with the numers

My hope is the actual exam is a little more straightforward. Timing wasn’t a concern for me until I did the CFA AM mock and at 3 hours had to just randomly guess at like 4 questions because I was out of time. I think I used all 3 hours in the PM session too with some rushing.

For the actual L1 exams and all Schweser mocks I’ve done for level 2 I’ve been finished with plenty of time to spare (30min or more), so there’s obviously some disconnect here.

There’s the strategy that when you get the exam you go to the topics that you are strong in and get those out of the way first, hopefully giving you “added” time to work through more rigorous topics that require longer calcs (FRA) or reading things over and over and over (Ethics). I have yet to do that on a mock but I might give it a shot on test day.

I don’t care about the timing issue, I can manage that - I’m good with speed. What I’m dreading is a flippin aeolus case type question on the real exam.

Why can’t CFA be just abt derivatives, fixed income, equities, AI and that’s it. No fra and ethics bs.

^ L3 does not contain FRA and CF. Think about the future.

My hope for the exam is that there will be enough “quick” questions to save time for the long ones. For example I do Quant sets for 5 min, so whole 13 min which can be allocated somewhere else. I hope there won’t be 4 pages text for one vignette too.

Aeolus took me 22 mins with plenty of rushing and guessing and I got 2/6 so…yeah

Aelous FML!!! Hated that vignette.

Im pretty sure all text blocks are < a page

Here’s the thing. Most of us are good with certain topics. I think if the stars are aligned, you can hit up 5 vignettes in 1 hour. Then slowly take 2 hours with the rest of the vignettes.

Is consensus that the actual exam will be somewhere in between being longer vignettes than Kaplan/CFAI Practice Assesments and shorter than CFAI full mock? My only points of reference are the two volumes of Kaplan practice exams and CFAI material. For Kaplan, excluding V2 Exam 3, vigenttes typically range in the 12 minute range. CFAI Mock vigenttes were taking in the 20 minute range. Somewhere in between those seems fair. I can’t see them having more than 2 long calcs in each vignette.

the thing about the KS mocks is that they are basically a bunch of individual questions strung together.

in the cfai mocks they are long, multi page, and you have to grab parts from all over.

regarding the comment that they are less than a page, i would like to hear that from someone who took the cfa exam.