Tip: How to remember if a market is liquid

(My first real/satirical piece of remembering a concept) A liquid market is like a club, lots of booze flowing all night long For a good club, you need lots of buyers and sellers (bros and hos), diversity of opinion (if everyone wants Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, no one wins), a convenient location and small spreads (no one wants a ho-bag, ok i couldn’t find a good reason for this one lol). A club can be measured in dollars and cents (cover charge, drinks, etc) so its measurable. Cheers

“deep” dive Good one.

Good examples but practically remembering this is the least of my problems.

muffin, you need a break…:wink: good one, but it is harder to remember than the concept itself

Isn’t it something like narrow-spread, depth and resilience - don’t know why it likes those buzzword words. I’ll recycle them on June 5th.:smiley: