Tips and advice for morning essay portion of Level III exam

Practice and technique are the key here.

The best way is to practice on realistic mock essay exams. Do the old real morning sessions given by the CFAI. To get a leg up, also work on other well-written essay exams.

Here is a link to an essay exam available for free, updated for the 2018 curriculum:

CFA Level III mock essay exam

Here are video solutions for Q1 and Q8:

Q1 video solution

Q8 video solution

Work on good technique. You need to take the test with good strategy. To have the best chance of passing, understand how to structure your answers.

Also, here’s a video sharing advice about the CFA Level III essay questions:

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Who wants a mock test without all solutions?


Here are the guideline answers to Q1-Q2: Q1 and Q2 guideline answers

Feel free to send me a message if you are interested in the rest.


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Here are the full written guideline answers to the CFA mock exam. So you all have access to another full-length mock exam written for the 2018 curriculum for free! Find it here: Mock exam guideline answers from AdaptPrep

As a reminder, you can get the mock exam questions here:

CFA Level III mock essay exam

It’s really important to get as much practice as possible for the morning essay portion. Most candidates who pass do well on the essay portion.

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