Tips for doing Level II at the exam date

Hi level II candidates,

There is only 50 days until the Level II CFA exam date, and I’d like to share with you my tips for doing the exam. Hope that it might give some help to you. Good luck!

Remembering formulas and Time management are critical.


There are plenty of formulas in Level II exam, and some formulas quite difficult to remember. In fact, I gave up few ones that I found too difficult for me. I reviewed all formulas 2 days before the exam date, and pay more attention to those that I made mistakes when practicing.

I did not try to read a lot at the morning of the exam date like some of my friends did. I have relaxed a little bit so that the formulas came in my mind easier when doing questions.

Time management:

Again, time management is very very important.

For total 180 minutes at morning/afternoon session, I allocated 150 minutes for doing questions and last 30 minutes to mark all answers on answer sheet and review.

Firstly, I spent 150 min. for doing questions so each question accounted for 2.5 min. If I could not finish any question within the allocated time, I would quickly move to the next one and mark all not-finished questions on one page of the exam book for redoing later. I had not marked any answer during that time because I myself would find disturbance if I change the status from doing questions in an as quick as possible manner to marking answers in an very careful manner.

Secondly, when having 30 minutes left, I began to mark all answers at the answer sheet, INCLUDING answers of my not-finished questions (random answers for those questions) in order to make sure that I did not forget marking any answer. I spent remaining time to redo not-finished questions one more time and review the other answers.