Tips for Final month of Review

Hello Everyone, I will be taking LEVEL 1 exam in June. Right now, I am on Schedule of finishing all the volumes of CFA by end of April, which gives me 1 month to REVIEW. ( at the same time im taking 18 credits in final semester of undergraduate degree in finance). at this time, i feel like i have forgotten whatever i have read month ago. ( do u guys feel the same way?) I want to know, What is the best way to REVIEW. what are your strategies? I do not mind giving more than 5 hours each day. just wanted to know the best way to REVIEW Thank YoU Do as many questions as possible. I don’t have Q-bank but I understand that it is very useful as well.

Thanksss! but i have come to know that tests on investopedia is outdated!!! but i was planning to use that! hopefully it helps!!! thanks again

Schweser QBank if you can afford it, incredible program to drill the material in your head.

I think one of the best ways to keep the material fresh in the memory is to take as many practice questions as possible daily. Most times the questions will touch some very minute details that ordinarily you might have skimmed through while reading. So practice, is it.

I found taking the CFAI mock exam about 1 month before is useful to guage how far you have come as well as weak areas to work on. Spend the final month doing as many questions as possible and going back to the CFAI material to read up on weak points. For example I didnt do as well as i hoped on FRA on the Mock. So I locked myself up for 4 days and read the whole FRA book. This ended up being my most comfortable subject. Also take as many CFAI sample exams as you can. Several questions from these exams appeared word for word on the actual exam.