tips for upcoming Cash Management Analyst interview

I have an upcoming interview- Title: Cash Management Financial Analyst. It’s a corp. fin. role with a large company that has great ties with MBA programs. I interviewed with them last month for a different role, made it to the final 3 and didn’t get chosen. They called me the other day and said they had a position that I may be interested in. Below are a few day-to-day tasks they have provided me about the position. 1. Assist in determining and reviewing daily cash position for operating companies. Gain understanding of routine cash inflows and outflows to determine funding requirements and assist with forecasting cash position. 2. Perform and provide analysis and reporting on various cash management areas such as cash borrowing and investing, banks fees, budgets, forecasts, yields, etc. Provide ad-hoc support for operating unit data requests and quarterly reporting 3. This position requires a keen ability to administer SOX-compliant, cost effective business processes and systems. 4. Assists in the Group’s success in determining daily cash requirements and executing short-term financing requirements leading to the maintenance of cash balances sufficient to meet corporate requirements while maximizing the use of proceeds Quick background: I’ve done some valuation modeling for my university’s investment fund, but I’m not sure if I should bring some excel sheets in with forecasts on them. Just graduated from a state school with high GPA. Two finance internships. Passed CFA Level I last summer. Dealt with budgets on spreadsheets when president of a sports club (which also plays into the whole “team mentality thing”) while in college. Any help on how I can approach this interview will be appreciated! I’m not that familiar with Corp. Fin. so I figured someone could help me out.