Tips/suggestions for LII needed

Hi guys, Congrats to those who passed and best of luck to those who couldn’t make it this time. I actually wanted to catch all those who took LII this time whether passed or failed. Can you please put your tips or suggestions on how to crack LII? It may be anything like which books to read, time management, practice questions, areas to cocentrate and yes definitely some tips on item sets questions. I believe this is really going to help us all in understanding the strategies of those who passed and advices from those who couldn’t. So guys your thoughts are required before we hit the books again. bye Ashish

Just know and UNDERSTAND all the level II material. Every single LOS, no matter how seemingly unimportant, could be tested…trust me. Understanding the basics is not enough. There is no magic formula…just make sure you know everything, take as many practice exams, mock exams, practice questions as possible. Most importantly, hey…you’ve passed level I. You know what it takes. Remember to relax! Workout and stay healthy! Start no later than January and you should have a good chance of passing. EDIT: I know, sounds like I didn’t help. Remember that at the end of the day the CFAI is testing you on the material that they have provided. There are no shortcuts. I failed level II…Band 10. I studied pretty well…but I also let too many things get in my way of success. At the end of the day, level I is not too different from Level II. The material is simply more difficult and the competition is greater. That’s about it.

“Start no later than January and you should have a good chance of passing.” Well you dont know that. He could have gotten lucky at L1!!

Thanks Jalmy for your advices. Definitely gonna keep them in mind. Any more thoughts guys before you move to LIII forum.

Use Schweser … Get the secret sauce … if you can find other summaries from Schweser, do that. Then do the QBANK religiously, incuding all types of questions. On exam day, answer the questions in your strongest suits first. If you complete all the questions in the QBANK, and you attempt to answer each question correctly, you will pass the exam if you test take properly.