Tips to Crack Level I

Hey Guys I cleared Level-II in August and Level-I in December last year. The journey was tough but the outcome every was worth every drop of the effort. Based on my experience, I have penned some stuff that Level-I and II candidates should find useful: - Level-I Tips: Level-II Tips: Hope this helps All the very best! ~Rajat

“CFA is the most prestigious designation in Investments you can have after your name. Here are the first steps to acquiring it.” Shouldn’t you have a caveat that the prestige associated with the designation is your opinion, and not claim that it is ‘more prestigious’ than other designations within the investment industry?

^ is there any other designation in the investment industry that is at least as recognizable as CFA?

Dear jcole21 An article is an opinion piece. You are most welcome to disagree. ~Rajat