Tips to improve scores? im around 60%, still have a chanse ?

scoring 65%on PM 55% on AM, any chance to improve and pass? i,ve left 5 mocks to do. asking cuz reading that people here are scoring 70 plus already, im I only one deep in S*it??

You will pass with those scores if you do 5 more mocks.

LOL. Gave my first mock today, 40% AM, 80% PM, 9 more to go. You are not in deep shit, you are fine. I agree with batman, you can pass if you do 5 more mocks. I know it is disheartening reading about people scoring very well and done with their mocks etc, but dont let it get to you, keep practicing. Good luck.

What is most peoples strategy re. taking new mocks vs. re-taking the same mock? Like Gigaloo, I just scored 45% AM and, 80% PM on my first mock yesterday. I’d like to take the last 3 years CFA exams plus some more mocks but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time for that many tests in the next 3 weeks PLUS re-taking some that I have already taken.

I know many people recommend retaking mocks but honestly, it does not work for me. My strategy is to attempt and review as many mocks as I can upto 4-5 days before the exam, learn from the mistakes and review the forgotten/wrongly understood concepts.

past exam > mock > no mock > repeat

past exam - mock - revision - portal vignettes - past exam - mock - revision - portal…

I never re-took a mock exam. However the revision process should be in depth. Going over everything in detail, adding to your notes to fill in any gaps. You should absolutely ensure you do the last 3 years of the CFA morning sessions and more if possible. Your scores don’t matter (at all), it’s the timed experience and learning from the guideline answers that is the key here. If you haven’t taken many mocks I would focus on doing new ones and reviewing closely vs. re-taking ones already completed. You really want to expose yourself to as many questions as possible at this point.

I’ve done 2014 and 2015 plus 2 Schweser practice exams. also went through 2012,2011,2010 answers to make notes of guideline answers problem is Schweser mock are have different wording and not like CFAI ones, at least AM’s, im not sure that they are even useful

Skip Schweser and given the lack of time, focus rather on CFA Mocks and Past AM Papers, doesn’t matter if you take same Paper more than once.

Are Schweser mocks seriously bad?

I found them different compared to official AM and PM and exam is organized and prepared by CFAI, not by Schweser. That’s enough.

Can you go into some specifics? Different in what sense ? And both AM and PM?

I’m only basing my comments on Schweser mocks from level 2 (I’ve only finished 1 Level 3 mock so far)…they’re good if you do all of them. You are tested on more minute details rather than overall themes like CFAI tests. If you take all of their mocks, you’ll be drilled on a lot of fine details you may have forgotten/missed, but it doesn’t necessarily help you to only take 1 or 2. Like some have said above, I do agree that the wording is different than CFAI

Different to how the questions are asked related to official material. And there are 3 exams in first round with significantly different level of difficulty.

Alright. Are the 3 exams more difficult or less ?

And how about this. What if I couple Past AM papers with schweser PM for full mocks?

Dear Gigaloo, do want you find the best strategy for you. I just said, given the only 3 weeks left, if one has not started doing Mocks yet, I’d rather give priority to official Mocks and AM papers over Schweser.

Alright, thanks for the inputs.

Can someone who passed comment on usefulness of Schweser AM mocks ? Thanks