Tips to remain on high energy level??


Please recommend tips or things you all do to keep yourself high on energy level to do long hours of study.

These days i am just tired most of the time,can’t pull off very long in a day.I do workout regularly but seems that’s working opposite way. I get very tired of working out and is affecting studies now.

Any drinks that you take to keep your self up …i take coffee which is good for couple of hours only…

Any tips will be appreciated…

Not wanting to do this again next year tends to keep my energy level pretty high. All natural baby!

Stimulants only get you so far. For me, I study in the early mornings, before work and before the family wakes up on weekends. It takes some getting used to but I tend to be more focused and motivated once I’m fully awake and sipping a cup of tea. Plus I’m not counting the minutes before I can get to bed. Granted, I’m usually in bed by 8:30pm, but for me its worth it.

Good luck.

Track your progress. Give yourself some short term targets. Example: during next 20 days intention is increase overall knowledge in Fixed income by 30 %. It will be measured by % of successful solved topic tests for example or whatever. Learn from Portfolio management process but apply such monitoring measures on your studying progress, thus consider the exam topics as financial instruments by its weights and returns in portfolio. When you reach those short term targets, It can be a good motivation for further studying. :slight_smile:

@ Jaywill

What time do you wake up in the morning and how are you studying with each topics ?? How many hours are you giving each day and weekends?

I wake up at about 3:30am, and I’m at my desk by 4:00am with a cup of tea. 3 hours each day during the week and 4 hours on weekends. It helps that I mostly make my own work hours so I get in to the office around 9am. Not everyone can do that. I take a day off occasionally but I can go a month or more straight at times. I probably won’t take a day off after April 1. I also study full weekend days for the final month before the exam.

A little taste of the white stuff.


What do you define as “long hours of study”? I notice you mention coffee is only good for “a couple hours”. Maybe that’s all you can do before you hit a wall. That was my experience. I rarely ever studied more than 3 hours in one sitting, even on weekends. If I did I would break it up with a long break in-between consisting of a nap or lots of downtime.

Not everyone is meant to sit in a library for 10 hour marathon sessions. Certainly there are folks who do better that way, but I know I wasn’t one of them. Figure out what works best for you.

In terms of practical tips, everything runs off sleep and nutrition. Caffeine is a temporary solution. Take care of yourself first and foremost and that will go a long way. I would stick with the exercise too, it’s a great reprieve to take out some of that pent up studying frustration in a physical manner.


I also meant maximum 3 hours at one time and take break and again try to stretch as much as you can.As we approach March hours of study in total will have to be increased. My problem is not losing focus but lacking energy to execute what i should be doing.

#respect bro Jaywill

I wake up around 5:30 AM

trying my best to wake up earlier but my one year little daughter wont let me sleep early

Lets see

@ Saurabhm

Having toddler at home is an another marathon in itself…We are in the same boat !