Tips to remember CFA Level 1 Formulas

What is best way to remember for CFA Level 1 Formula’s as there are so many of them, I can hardly keep track of them in my mind.

Fearing situation of remembering formula’s in exam hall with all that pressure, any tips, suggestions or what’s your approach for remembering all those formula’s.



i think you’re getting ahead of yourself…did u get the quicksheet from schweser? if not, get it…if so, put it away!

these formulas will stick as you learn the material…u cant look forward at all of the formulas and feel defeated…right now they dont mean much to u

the key is going to be to get through the material, and then at the end see which formulas u are having a hard time remembering and spend time memorizing them…my guess is it wont be as many as u think

I agree and disagree with pdub here.

I agree on the fact that remembering formulae should be the last worry for you right now. Finish the material understand stuff and given the formulae can you solve the problem? This should be your worry…

I disagree on the fact that there would still be too much to remember. Believe me there will be! But when you reach that stage:

  1. Create your own flashcards.

  2. Stick them up near your study table

  3. Every 3 days, read through the entire formulae in your handwriting.

You should be fine after that friend! But yes too early to worry about how to remember!

Create your own formula sheet as you go through the materia.

Among the key formulas (you will know which ones, as you go thru the curriculum) there will be the ones you will remember without much problem.

For those hard to remember key formulas, rewrite them every week. it will take you about 5min, and it will help you with the memorization process.

What i did to remember those hard formulas (like the ugly Dupoint one) Is that before i wrote it down on my formula sheet I wrote it on a piece of papper more than a 100 times…Repetition and practice is the ket here. Some formulas you will already know, the other you just have to nail practice problems and learn by instinct how to put down the formula on a piece of papper.

Take a dry erase marker and write the formula on your window (not windshield).