Tired and Lost

I have no idea in what direction I am heading.
Exam is due next month.
Have covered the content once through schweser.
Am I way behind?
Tips and suggestions would be welcome.

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Just take mocks from here out. It will suck but get the mocks done, at least 6-7 in my case did the job. Try to get 2 done per week from here out with the last week total review. Study your notes/prep materials during the days not taking mocks. Everyone is near the same boat as you at this point honestly. I got destroyed on all the mocks but took them anyway and focused on all the ones I got wrong. Which was about half the questions. Just get those done and get to your wrong list, and learn why you got them wrong. You will then be in good shape! Trust the process. I failed all the mocks but got well inside top 10% on the actual exam because, probably, everyone is in the exact same boat no matter what they post on here. The exams destroy us all just stay positive and get the mocks done especially the CFAI ones on their website. Those were the best mocks for me. Fun fact - I took Level 2 in my mid-40s and my study memory is not as sharp as when I was younger and less full of family life things going on. If I can do it anyone can do it. Stay positive, take the mocks, you got this!