Title Hierachy in banking and insurance

In banking usually is: Analyst-> associate -> VP-> ED->MD

Insurance seems much messier: there are both director and VP. Also assistand Director and AVP. On glassdoor, for example AIG, Assistant director get paid more than VP. Can somebody provide some insights?

Metlife also has director and vp level.

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Where I am: Analyst -> Associate -> Director -> VP -> ED -> MD

I thought everyone in banking was a VP.

^ Only the ones worth talking to. And don’t forget the associate director, but perhaps that just a Canadian thing.

Corporate titles are massively inconsistent across industries – and even across companies within the same industry.

i met plenty of Vp and they are def not VPs LOL

Excluding C-suite, the only titles you can really trust are MD or Managing Partner. The rest can mean anything depend on the prefix, industry or company.

Currently at a bulge bracket firm, and my team has a VP with pretty much equal rank to our ED.

I’ll have to echo the sentiment that MD, Partner, and C-suite are the only titles you can consistently place above others.