Titles on the analyst forum

Why does it seem that the analyst forum withdrew the available titles on here? I just received my charter, and I wanted to change my status to charterholder yet there is no option available to me but the CFA L3 candidate :woman_shrugging:

The titles were dropped with the new version last year but we moved those into the avatar so if you change your group from Level III CFA Candidates to CFA Charterholders you will see CFA under your avatar.

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Yea this is what I meant by a title, that it shows on my pic etc. But sorry, how do I change my group? I checked my profile, really not sure where is the option. Thanks

I’ve updated your account with the new CFA Charterholders group. Congratulations on achieving the charter!

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Thank you so much! I am definitely thrilled that the daunting process is behind me completely!