To all schweser users

Hi all, I’ll be finished with quants and econ in 4 days and ive been solely using schweser whilst only doing the CFA EOC qs. Studying full time to the exam… but still feel like I have a long way to go in mastering and even remembering the material I learnt some time back. Need a plan of action until exam day and I have the CFA mocks and Schweser mocks at my disposal. Planning to take all of them and even thinking of buying the schweser qbank to add to my practice, but I still have the schweser chapter qs and maybe even the blue box in CFA to attempt, maybe even go over the CFA EOCs once more as Im pretty sure i did terribly in some and schweser doesnt go in enough detail to prepare you for some of the tricks they play. What does everyone think? What to start with and what to finish? To buy or not to buy the qbank as I have enough questions? Also, ANY SPECIFIC READINGS that you should only really use CFAI for as schweser does a terrible job. I dont feel i have enough time to go back to full topic areas, but any specific readings to help other schweser users to avoid the double reading of materials? This is only my first read and clearly Im panicing a little! Good luck everyone!

Level 2 is it’s own beast. doing problems isn’t going to help like it did in level 1. You really have to under how the formulas change given certain key phrases. now doing problems is important but it’s not gonna do any good if you solve it incorrectly.

Do all questions provided by CFAI and digest the hell out of it. you should be able to explain every part/step of a formula. such as why do you square something or take square root of. why is this + and not - etc. Also I re-read the schweser books 3x.

schweser questions for level 2 weren’t that good in my opinion.

Don’t buy Qbank, don’t spend time for Schweser end of chapter questions. Do the mock exams, when you find smth you don’t understand read the specific material from the CFAI curriculum.

why do you say this gebura? is this your second attempt?

I would put more value doing the CFAI books box examples and back of chapter questions over doing a tons of schweser questions.