To anyone who already purchased 2008 Stalla CD

I am considering purchasing “the System” with “Self-Study CD” format. Big part of the reason is Peter Olinto. I have already contacted Stalla for more information. They said Peter will do around 50% of the material. When I asked further about which sections belong to him, they said they did not have such detail right now. So I think I’d better ask our board members. For you who got Stalla CD already. Please help answer my questions. 1. Which sections belong to Peter Olinto? 2. How much percentage of the “exam score” are weighted on those topics? 3. Which sections belong to David Olinto? 4. How much percentage of the “exam score” are weighted on those topics? 5. Who are the other instructors ? Are they acceptable? Thanks in advance. Ps. sorry about my English. It is not my native language.

If my memory serves me right Peter Olinto does Ethics, Quant, FSA, Equity and 2 more or so… He does not do Economics

Thanks rhuldisch. Do you remember who do Economics?

Peter Olinto does Ethics. David Hetherington does Quant. That’s all I’ve seen so far. Peter Olinto is amazing.

I don’t know about level 2, but for level 1, Bob Stalla did Economics…which was quite boring and painful to endure. Olinto did the majority of the ciriculum which was great. He did ethics, quant, lots of the FSA/equities/fixed income stuff…Stalla did the rest. I also live in NYC, so i took the live mock test session with Peter and he was great…I just signed up today for the exam and the Stalla review…so hopefully i’ll have everything come Monday after the Giants win the superbowl…and then the Beast can emerge once again and attack level 2.