To Dec. 2011 L1 passers taking L2 next week

I passed the L1 exam in December and signed up for the L2 exam immediately after getting the results. I’ve been reading that the CFAI material is much better for the L2 exam than the Schweser so I’ve been using that but completely regret it now. Should’ve gone with the Schweser especially since I was starting with limited time since we didn’t get our test results until the end of January. I’m majorly screwed as I’ve just finished my 2nd review and have hardly worked on any questions. I’m feeling pretty hopeless now although I’m continuing to study until the exam. Any other Dec. L1 passers feeling the same way?

Hang with it! It’s possible, just work on practice questions this last week and put in a lot of effort.

There are even many of us that passed last June and feel the same way. Try to stay positive! Do your best!

Same here, passed Dec11, and started in late Jan with CFAI. Only finished readings two weeks ago and took the Schweser mock and did average. I decided not to do any more mocks until I review the EOCs, hopefully by Wed. Going with what got me here… finding more useful to review what I read. Realistically it’s not enough time to read 3000 pages and do 1500 EOCs!, but I’m giving it best shot. CFAI should really give L2 2x/year!

Honestly, 1x/yr for L2 and L3 make is so much more stressful.

If this is any help, I passed L1 in Dec, started with schweser for L2 and dropped it. I use the CFAI books entirely now. Main benefit of schweser is they cut through the useless therory and get right to the point of what you need to know. With that being said, it’s all there in the CFAI books, you just have to know what to ignore and what to focus on. Since you only have one week I would focus a lot on the mocks and narrow down the topics to what is mostly tested (equity, accounting, stats, etc). Bang out as many practice problems as possible (EOC, redo mocks over and over). I recently took a schweser provided practice test at a local business loaction that is supposed to mimic the actual test; it was the biggest waste of time ever. Stay positive work hard with the tools you have.

Also took Dec 2011. Have totally given up on getting 70%+. My only hope now is that 60% of the candidates will perform worse than me (no way CFAI gonna let the pass rate fall below 35%)

lol you guys are at an advantage…everything is so fresh! Just keep at it and do item set questions (and don’t move on to the next until you review it.)

Same as you guys. Passed L1 and immediately registered for L2.

But I’ ve been using Kaplan, and turned curriculum for help for some obscure materials.

Notes is enough although CFAI books are more logical.

Until now, I have finished 09-11mock. avg at 70%, leaving 2012 mock to this week.

Hope I can maintain this.

My scores for Ethics are not stable, which is pretty much a concern for me.

Results of FRA and Equity is OK but far from satisfaction. These two topics are so important. I should go through the notes again. But I decide to give up this because not much time left for me.

May everything goes well on the exam day.!

I did level 1 in dec as well and feeling really unded prepared for 2 when I see all the people on here with scores in the 80s… I’m stuck in the 67 to 70 band for the last couple of days and don’t seem to be going any higher because every exam I do seems to have new stuff. And it’s only schweser, going to brave the cfa mock tomorrow, though it all seems pretty hopeless when I see how high everyone else seems to be getting.

you don’t need to outrun the lion chasing you, just 60% of us. keep the faith. getting new questions wrong is part of the learning process.