To Derivative or Not To Derivative?

With one more day left I am trying to see what I should focus on to help bring my scores up. I am thinking of doing one of two things:

Go back over all my notes and flashcards that I have taken throughout the process and doing a whole 300 foot review on pretty much everything that Ive done so far - or really hone in on Derivatives to try to lock down some more points there. Deriv is by far my worst topic as far as practice exams have gone - so maybe EOCs can help me learn some of these calculations better.

What would you suggest spending time on?

Friday will be reserved for a light day of Ethics EOC questions and revisions to hopefully close out my studies before lunch.

The CFAI EOCs for derivatives are labor intensive, just a warning. It could take you awhile to get through them all. It’s how I learned and finally got it to click but it was frustrating as hell and my calculator got a good workout.

You could easily pull it off in a day but prepare for a headache.

I did all of the topic based assessments on the CFAI site for derivatives today… It took like 6 hours for everything to finally click but I think I have it down so that I’m at least more confident of getting 4 or 5 out of 6 on a set than I was a week ago.

Sort of off topic, but for derivatives, I’m hoping to get loaded with binomial trees and put-call parity, swaptions. Due to the derivatives EOCs, I nearly vomit when I see a term structure for LIBOR…