To get the best out of Qbank

Is it recommended to take the qbank tests in 6 parts (Ethics, QM, Econ, FSA, PM, AV) or per 18 individual Study Sessions? I just finished my first round of initial reading y’day which took me about 5 months. I am going to start my review today. Seems like I have forgotten most of it and would like to reinforce all the concepts and calculations overall.

about forgetting - you are not alone :slight_smile: I am in the same boat. What I am doing is, taking the QBank questions Session wise. Just started today. I will briefly review the session before answering the questions.

i’d suggest 120 question exams. Start with basic questions only to refresh what you’ve learned, then go to intermediate and finally go to advanced only.

The same thing was happening with me. I have been taking 60 question exams on three different topics everynight to I can refresh.

maratikus, Is there an option to adjust the difficulty level ? S

Yes there is. Once you select question topics, and the # of questions for the test, there are options to select Basic Intermediate Advanced Questions you have gotten wrong before etc. etc

Surprisingly I could not find that. cpk123, will you be able to send me a screenshot of that please to Thanks a ton S

I am a 2007 user, not doing CFA Level II this year. You would have to go into Test Management -> Create New test for that. CP

Yes, I do that but could only find the option to select the number of questions. Let me know your email ID, I will send you what I get then perhaps you could point out what wrong I am doing. S

send schweser a question and / or call and ask. tell them that most users say it is possible, but you are unable to do it. Should be easy for them to help you and tell you where you are going wrong. CP

I would do the following (passed L1 last year now onto level 2.) Do the individual 18 session one at a time and use about 70% of the questions…then do all of the practice exams (CFAI and Schweser)…then go back and make your own 120 ? tests That’s what I did and it worked.

jasonindc - you seem to have completed your initial readings right on time… many of us here dont seem to have enough time to be able to do as much as you… how many hours did you devote in doing questions and practice exams? I might have around 80 hrs for doing papers and for revisiting parts in which I fail… do you have reckon any order of preference on the stuff you did based on the left time?

Did anyone study using Stalla? I’m using the Qbank from Stalla but the questions don’t seem too difficult, I mean they’re not easy but they’re not hard either. Do you suggest I purchase the Qbank from schweser or should I be fine doing all the Stalla and CFAI questions? I’m also going to purchase 2 online mock exams from CFAI.