To GMAT or not to GMAT

A buddy of mine was let go a month ago, he registered for the GMAT figuring he’ll cram for a few weeks and try to catch round 2 of MBA applications. He landed a job just 2 days before his GMAT test date, and asked me if he should just take it to see what it’s like, or skip it. I’m not sure myself.

What say you?

Is it better to be fully prepped and not risk having a lower score on the record?

Apparently schools don’t care they just look at the highest, but I defer to Numi

Does he have any intention of doing an MBA? If not, then it is clearly a waste of time.

He was going to apply as a backup in case the job search failed. But I’m pretty sure he would rather work than go to school.

Dude, do the man a favor and FedEx a hacksaw, stat!

Given that he’s already prepped for the GMAT, he should just take the test. The score is valid for 5 years, so taking the test now might save time later if he ends up applying to business school within this time. If he does not score well this time, it does not matter, as business schools allow you to take the GMAT several times and only submit the best score.

He doesn’t get a refund and has already signed up for the test, so why not just go for it? As a recently unemployed guy is his time so valuable now that he doesn’t want to put in another 3.5 hours to take an exam he’s prepared hard for over the last few weeks? It’s a “free option” at this point and even if he has a dud score, usually schools just take your highest GMAT score anyway. I say go for it. Easy call for me.

Der numi has spoken!

from what i know, they only look at the highest score (which is what you submit to them), so they usually don’t even know/ care your other scores.

and for me i would just take it, even if i don’t know if i am going to go to MBA. I just want to take it and see what’s my level at. if i somehow score 720+ that may change my perspective on things.

What is current perspective on things?

Schools see ALL scores. Which scores they will consider - that is a different question. This is unlike SAT where schools will only see your highest score.

I think you have it backwards…for SAT, schools see all your scores.

GMAT is on a computer now and you take it whenevery you want, right? You also decide when you’re done if you want it to be scored, right? Assuming I’m correct, I really don’t see why your friend shouldn’t take it.

I have never signed up and never thought about MBA so right now no.

But if i have considered it at one point and signed up i think i would just go through with it. it’s like when people don’t show up for CFA exam because they THINK they are underprepared. what do they have to lose by just spending one day in the exam room??

I think people just avoid rejection, if they didn’t go to the exam room they think they have never attempted hence, they did not fail.

But in reality, it’s always beneficial to know where you are at and how much you know and don’t know.

I think GMAC sends candidate’s 5 latest scores to schools who usually take the highest score when a considering the applicant’s candidacy for the program.

I’m on the admissions committee for my school, and based on what I understand about my school’s process and others, they really do take the highest scores. Of course, if you take the GMAT more than three or four times, then admissions committees may flag it and wonder about the large number of re-takes, but for all practical purposes two or even three times taken should be fine.

Now you are telling me! I could’ve restested and got 810


Good to know.