to go for L2 this June or next year

Just got my results for L1 PASS. Not sure if I should go on to L2 this year or wait for next year. I work full time.

I’m in the exact same situation!

Same boat. And I just started MBA classes. L2 registration doesn’t even open until February 5th, leaving 122 days of prep time.

Anyone who passed L2 want to weigh in? Can it be done?

Same here…I am planning for next Year…I too work full time hence its difficult to manage time for Level2.

I passed Lvl1 December 2018 and went for Lvl2 in June 2019 and passed too. But I started preparing for lvl 2 in December 2018, before the results for lvl1 came out. I completed Equity and started preparing for other topics starting from February. I didn’t spend 2-3 hours every day (sometimes would spend 1 hour on 1 hour video and that’s it). But I did a lot of mock exams (14 full mocks, and 1 live mock). I guess it depend on practice.

The answer to this question is unique to the individual asking. I did the quick L2 turnaround while also getting my MBA, working full time, remained happily married raising one kid with another on the way.

For me the key was properly budgeting my time and sticking to my schedule. That and having a very understanding spouse. That’s extremely important if you’re married. I’ve heard some horror stories ending in divorce, and worse, failing the exam.

So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

Just to know more before I take final decision, did you just read curriculum books or did you refer any other material/videos like Kaplan,IFT?

I used Mark Meldrum videos, literally didn’t read curriculum, just did EoCs after watching each video.

can you say how many hours you put in?

are all CFA level 2 Mark Meldrum videos available on youtube?

I did the level 1 in Dec '18 and level 2 in June '19 and passed. If you want it bad enough, you’ll study hard/long enough.I started studying in Jan for level 2.

I used Kaplan for level 2 and never looked at the CFAI books or QBank. In hindsight, I should have used Mark Meldrum. Using him for level 3 and I think he covers way more than Kaplan.

Whether you can do it all depends on your own circumstances and level of commitment. But it can definitely be done.

You 100% go for it. do you know how much time is in 122 days?

It’s a lot.

I just got my results too…I’m preparing my CFA L2 and FRM now