To MBA or not to MBA

I am studying for CFA Level 1 and have a degree n Math. I was an associate broker for a broker dealer for one year and decided I needed to know something about what the hell I was pitching to clients, so I took the CFA route. Before that I was a RE Associate in NYC. I am currently a Business analyst at a Retail Bank( Home Equity and Default); and wanted some advice on whether a Master’s is worth it, along with the CFA attempt… Thanks all.

Definitely. It’s worth it. Unless you want to be a business analyst at a retail bank.


Appreciate it

I think it would depend on where you get your MBA.

From what I can gather on this site, people generally feel that if you are planning on being in finance, a CFA is worth more than an MBA, unless that MBA is from a top (insert number here) school. I’ve seen 20 and 30 as the threshhold.