To Moderators

You can move this to the feedback forum if you’d like, but can one of you clean up the blatent smurfs? View IP addresses so this should be very simple, but even if you can’t here’s how to detect them:

Step 1) Look at account creation date

Step 2) Look at their post history and see if they just immediately jump in the water cooler

Step 3) ??

Step 4) Ban (IP Preferably)

I think this is a great idea, let’s start with removing lxwarr30.

I don’t know about step 2. I’m sure there are people that lurk for a while and sign up mainly for water cooler.

There has been some annoying stuff recently though.


It’s going to be pretty boring around here when we realize that two-thirds of the posters are all actually the same lunatic.

I only have one account.

I only have one account.

i only have 2 accounts rahul roy and xray

Step 1: Steal Underpants

Step 2: ?

Step 3: Profit

This, Sir, is for once very well played.

Or…extremely stupid.

What’s a smurf? A blue woodland animal?

I’m not sure it’s my place to comment given that I’m mostly a lurker, but I’m going to do it anyway.

I’m all for as little moderation as possible; however, at the end of the day, analystforum is meant to be run as a for-profit business that generates revenue through advertising, the price of which increases as the number of pages views/posters increases. To that end, having posters such as RR, XRAY, etc. post non-sense and childlike back and forth banter completely discredits the integrity and usefulness of this forum. If I had just stumbled on analystforum today and saw the recent posts by those posters I wouldn’t ever think to come back.

While blatant racism, among other things, is clearly grounds for banning given that advertisers wouldn’t want to be associated with that type of behavior, I think the mods should also think about user behavior that would drive away both existing and potential new users of the website.

Is it time for my annual “for the love of god, we need an up/down vote button” rant? Let the free market decide whose posts get seen. You net five downvotes? Your post gets hidden.

Problem solved.

Edit: This belongs in the feedback forum.

We may at some point get the up down button. We’ve been discussion how it might be aggregated (by user, by thread, etc.). One doesn’t get to these types of questions if it’s foregone that we won’t do it. It mostly comes down to budget and whether the underlying technology (which is template based) can accommodate it.

And I think it might help here.

I’m glad that others are finally getting annoyed with all of that. When I said similar things a year ago, it seemd I was a voice crying out in the wilderness, which is why I have not been highly active in intervening in stuff. Now we have more support, we may start to tighten down on stuff.

I do think the rants and objectionable stuff being confined to water cooler is still working, and there certainly is less tolerance for childish stuff elsewhere on the site.

One half of the top 8 threads right now is RR, XRAY and company whining like children. Its a huge distraction from the conversation. Its nice to have a place to chat with other finance enthusiasts about off topic items. But threads on ten pack abs, RR apologising for the 100th time, and endless other garbage detracts from that. Some people might find it funny, but its reallu pure garbage.

^ didint rr promise not to post in WC anymore???

With all due respect …there was nothing wrong about the abs thread sir.I never told in any of my thread that we should get 10 pack abs…i just asked the fellow AF members to work out daily/take care of health and be fit.

SRK was just a metaphor.If a 50 year old can then why can’t we?

Why the serious face dude laugh it off,you are one of our heroes

i totally agree

A blatent lie on two fronts:

  1. There was so much wrong with that thread. So, so much.

  2. The original thread was not about how to get abs. Rather, it was about how SKR achieved movie stardom, wealth, and “10-pack abs”. It was accompanied by a very homoerotic picture of SKR.