To review or not?

So far, I’ve completed Quant, Econ, and FSA using schweser (books 1-3). However, I feel like I have forgotten a lot from Quant and Econ and feel like another thorough review of FSA could not hurt. My question is whether it would be a good idea to spend a week to review these topics and knock out questions from CFAI and Qbank before moving on to the other sections? Or is it better to just move on and finish reading the topics I have left. Either way, I’m leaving November to strictly review. I’m only concerned because it is bothering me that I have forgotten material I studied in the past.

Review FSA and Quant. The stuff will come up again throughout the 2nd half of the curriculum.

I’m in the same dilemma. I just finished Book 4 & decided to go back to review Quant before moving on to Book 5. So like projectplatnyc said, I’d recommend reviewing Quant and FSA. Don’t spend too much time though bc you still have two books to read before Nov (although I don’t know how fast you read or how much time you have per day to study). Assuming you’ve done the Concept Checkers at the end of each SS, I’d suggest doing the questions in CFAI now and the questions just at the end of each LOS on the QBank. That’s what I did.

Thanks guys, cfa08, how long did it take for you to complete book 4?? And assuming you’re going to spend november reviewing, can I ask what you’re review schedule/plan looks like? Thanks in advance.

I went through book 4 in 2.5 days…about 10 hrs total. The concepts aren’t too difficult in Corporate Fin if you paid attention in FSA. PM isn’t too difficult either.

hit that fixed-income portion hard, its a gem

I’m gonna hit fixed-income like a red headed stepchild

i think time is better spent moving forward. Review if it’s necessary for understanding the new material. But there is so much material that I think its best to get a good overview first.

lomz, I don’t think it took me that long to get through Book 4, but I can’t really remember & I don’t keep track… I know it definitely was shorter than Book 3! Yup I plan to review for the month of Nov… but I haven’t thought about a specific plan yet… just trying to finish off the books for now! How about closer to Nov, we’ll start another post & see what pples’ plans are.