To switch, or to wait?

I am currently working as a Wealth Management back Office Officer in Hong Kong. I am deciding whether to switch my job right now as a Level 2 candidate or to wait after a get a pass in Level 2.(hope i can do it) I heard that it is very difficult to move to the field of anaylsis or getting into a Asset Management firm as a Level 2 candidate, isn’t it?

i’d wait – you will have more leveragein your interview discussions.

If you have the opportunity, go for it now. This market sucks and the cfa at this career stage does little.

Actually my concern is that i have nearly nth to learn here, cause my main job is account opening(what i can say is paperwork only) and using excel to prepare report and ad hoc duties like preparing marketing material for bonds… All sort of knowledge i have learnt actually comes from my own initiative…VBA,CFA… I would like to know if it is better for me to switch to another job at least closer to the trading market(e.g dealer) for “parking”… i have 1.5 months to go to have “1 year experience”

Do it - switch now CFA means nothing - it might tip the balance if someone is un sure of you or your experience. But no one is going to look at your CV and employ you because you signed up to sit an exam CFA is about learning to gain a greater understanding. Anyone interviewing you will know if you understand what you learnt when revising for the CFA or if you learnt what you needed to in order to have a chance of passing

go for it now. no question about it. I interviewed throughout my LII candidacy. dont let the exam hold up your career progession. that would be kind of ironic since the point of the cfa is so you can progess.

Thanks a lot! So if I want to be an equity researcher in asset management firm, want post should i initially apply for ? I have this question because most job requirements listed out “2-5 years relevant experiences preferred…” , yo! i really don’t know how to capture the experiences before i cross the threshold.