To take or Not to take?

I am looking for people’s opinion of the following question: Is two months enough to study for the level 2 given that I am currently unemployed, and will stay that way at least until the test? The assumption here is that I would have all day to study instead of working. Thoughts? I would probably start in Mid-March, so maybe 2.5 mos, but still seems like very little time. I did about 250 hrs on Level 1, although I was working, so I started in late July for December exam.

You’ll be fine man. This is very close to my scenario and I do not foresee an issue with time to prepare.

yes its sufficient

you should be fine, im working 55plus hrs a week and at the moment mostly studying on w/e. at this rate i am screwed… anyway just curious what is up with your screen name BJ?