well, i WAS motivated. up until minute 90 this morning when i got bogged down in Portfolio Management.

Everyone just needs a little incentive…and yes I guess getting the charter and that feeling of passing the exam etc. is the MAIN incentive. But personnally, I need to take it one exam at a time and reward myself for my hard work and dedication if I pass. For me…it will probably be a pair of Christian Louboutin’s IF I pass. For 98% of people on here, you probably have no idea what those are…but they are amazingggg hahah Having some sort of reward gives me a bit more motivation knowing I can indulge myself with something I would never buy myself on a day to day basis. And yes I understand its a bit shallow to buy something so ridiculously expensive in this economy but i don’t care haha. Every girl deserves a good pair of shoes :slight_smile:

Dang, the thoughts of another year on this stuff really freaked me out in the past 5mins. Time to hit the books hard in the next 33 days.

not to freak you out again…but its in 30 days.

omg… ahhhhhhhh… i really can’t take the stress.

haha. Lack of sleep in last 2 days is catching up with me now. Having an headache too!