to those who failed L1 Dec07 exam

Firstly, sorry for your results. what have you learnt from the december07 exam? did you get schweser qbank for practise throughout the level 1 program? do you think you’ll benefit more if you have done the scheweser course on top of the cfai readings? regards

i didn’t use the qbank, and that’s one of the first things i’m purchasing this time around. my biggest problem was not being able to retain the information, and i hope this will help. i’ve also learned and REALIZED that i can’t cram for this again because there’s so much information. i didn’t start getting into a habitual and consistent study routine until there were only 2-3 months left. and i don’t think it’ll really benefit me to take a course. i’m planning on using the 07 schweser notes along with the cfai textbooks.

Having been thro the same situation in June, I will try and tell you what worked for me this time round, in Dec’07. First I concentrated on understanding the subjects where I was weak. I started out with those where I had poor scores in Dec. I then switched to the higher weight topics to get a full and better understanding. Weekly I would do 3 to 4 QBank practice sets of 60 questions, on topics done up until then, so I am not losing track of the stuff I learnt in the past. For all of these, I meticulously made flashcards for topics I messed up on, and printed out the entire papers with the answers and kept them close at hand as a reference for later. Finally did the CFAI exams for the last two weeks. And this was a concentrated effort from August thro’ November/ Regards CP

so most of everyone here does use the Qbank. do you practise with qbank everyweek or after you’ve finished every topic or volume has finished??