To those who failed the exam

I have never thought that I could fail this exam. Should you think of any reason, please state here. Never give up!

cfa_hongkong. i have no idea what happened during the AM section. This is my third try and i’ve gotten below 50% on the IPS questions EACH FKN TIME. WHAT THE HECK IS IT THAT I’M NOT GETTING? They SHOULD BE EASY. This is so frustrating. i used to take things in stride, but this time for some reason between the vague obscure questions and the nonsensical grading system its genuinely ticking me off. Would it really be so hard to make the questions and grading transparent?

my 3rd try failed again, bloody brutal… last year band 7, scored allmost everything below 50 in AM; this year, so mcuh better, 4 below 50 in AM, 3 above 70, rest inbtw; PM ethics and PM below 50, rest above 70, still fail with band 8, not improved much…sooooooo frustrated dont know whether to retake next year… i think the safe passing score is to be above 70 for all sessions, 67% at least avg acdt 40/60/80 . I saw some raelly good band 10 marks, feel very sorry for then.

its a fckin pisstake mate - failed here too. scored >70 in all the mcq’s and <50 in 4 of the AM questions…still failed…no transparency, i will have it retabulated…but whatever…at the end of the day it implies another crack at this crap…waste of fckin time and effort

azmi, pity for you, I thought your mark should be a sure pass…in 2007, yourmakr should be the passing one… I see CFAI gets CFAI get tighter and tighter on III, we have to score above 70 on all items in order to pass. BEofre, this is a perfect leading socre, now 70 is a passing score…damn tough

failed here too - 2nd try. i thought the AM session was easier than the PM session but results turned out to be completely opposite! just cant imagine going through another year with this…

Failed too, first time. Pathetic band 4. I did pretty well on the IPS questions but sucked at the peripheries - mostly alternate investments, fixed income, rebalancing. I just keep staring at the results. I must have had a bunch of zeros there or something, I dunno. I will probably have a breakdown once I crack the new books. I’m going to keep my happy-go-lucky attitude on this one. I learned a lot big-picture wise, just need to dial it down to pass the exam properly.

I failed this 4 times, and I actually think the exam is getting EASIER, so more people were getting better scores, as some of the details and difficult topics were no longer tested. Last year or two years ago, someone posted the method CFAI used to determine the passing score: CFAI will take the average score of the top 5% candidates and discount that score by 30% to determine the minimum passing score. For example, if the average score of the top 5% candidates is 95%, then after a 30% discount, the minimum passing score should be 66.5% Same as above, if top 5% scored 90%, then minimum passing score should be 63%. If you use this method and go back to the 2006 exam, which was a harder exam (AM section) in my opinion, but had a 75% pass rate. That implies harder exams --> lower average score of top 5% candidates --> lower minimum passing score --> HIGHER pass rate.