To those who got a "1" or a "3"

To those who got a “1” or a “3” Can you identify you magic number and your practice exam and mock exam score?


pi*s off pingdanny. I wanna know what my chances are. obviously you do too or you wouldn’t be on this site right now- d$ck

I will tell you what your chances are of getting a foot up your ass if you and I come face to face if you would like to know

How did ass not get censored out? Quit your whining, you’ve got all day to do so tomorrow, bit&ch.

who’s whining? Great comeback by the way

if you two are beautiful brunettes, i am loving it.

lol it is really pointless to try to verify the signifcance of 1&3 with just 12 hours left before the result

I don’t see any posts from pingdanny, I guess he’ll be taking it next year! Couldn’t have happened to a bigger prick.