To Those Who Passed L2 after Retake: Advice for New CFA L2 Candidate

Hi all,

I’m really jazzed about having passed L1 and have registered for L2 for June 2017. To those of you who passed the exam after retaking it a few times, what do you wish you had known the first time around?


Don’t skip any of the material. I think some people got away with that in L1 but you don’t want to take that risk in L2.

Also, try to understand the material rather than plain memorize it. I failed the first time because I just did not understand the material well enough. I approached it this year by writing my own notes to summarize everything in my own words and by also referencing dymke09’s notes per the link below (they were super helpful - Thank You dymke09 wherever you are!)

Spot on, you have to really understand the material this time around. Can’t just rinse/repeat formulas and hope it works out. Take the time to go through every single LOS and reading and make sure you can do the CFAI EOC.

Also, make sure you leave enough time to run through all of the online topic tests multiple times. They are difficult and yes, your score on them will demoralize you at times. However, if you take the time to understand your mistakes and the underlying concepts, you will knock the exam out of the park.

Start your studying right away, don’t be fooled by the 300-hour myth, read the material at least 3 times to make sure you understand every inch of it, take note every time you read, do at least 3 mock exam 2 weeks before the exam. I almost fail the level II on my first attempt so I know how stupid I am not to do all of those above. Trust me.

Thanks all – great advice.