To those who passed L2

Any preparation tips heading into the last month? How did you find the EOCs as a prep tool for the real exam? Thanks in advance.

EOC’s and TT’s via the website are very important. You will want to hammer these hard to get used to the manner in which CFAI phrases their questions. This will train you to understand what they are looking for in an answer, and what you need to look for in the vignette. Both EOC’s and TT’s will be representative of the actual exam. Many have said that the EOC’s are slightly easier, and TT’s are slightly more difficult than actual exam questions.

When reviewing this month leading up to the exam, start making a ‘‘short term memory list’’ of different concepts, especially those that are asked often and that you have a hard time understanding. Review this list a few times during the last few days before the exam. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll remember in the exam. For LII, my list included all those bizarre accounting rules, ratios, a bunch of fixed income material, etc.