To those who passed...

did you realise that we’re in the TOP 39% !!! WOOHOO!!! so what now? are you all jumping into level 2? or maybe take a break? look for a new job? Im off to the UK/Europe for a year of working/holidaying, so hopefully wont forget everything by the time I sit for Level 2 =)

I’d be sitting for L2 next year. I don’t wanna kill myself by having <4mths to study for this exam and search for my job. L2, I’d see you in Jun09! Hey Bluey, I doubt you’d forget everything with all of us here :smiley:

haha, had the year off last year I didn’t work for 10months!!!, so now its full onto into level 2 and am keeping my eyes open for career opportunities

New job…where? It’s a bear market!

For L1, every moment I wasn’t studying, I was thinking about studying. That stinks. I’m enjoying life for now and will ramp back up for L2 in June 09. Don’t want to kill myself pulling allnighters over the next 4 mos.

I just wanna keep the job that I have (commercial mortgage industry is scary). But as part of that initiative, I will just keep working hard on my current employ, and rest my weary brain from the extra studies. June '09 for me too but I think I’ll start earlier like in October of this year, rather than January of next. That way its not the cram session this time around as it was for L1.