To Those Working Through EOCs For Final Revision

How well have you been doing? I feel like these questions are actually easy compared to a lot of the questions that I have been doing in the mocks and on the assesments - my results this time around (granted only through FI and some of FRA) are usually in the high 80’s+. At least for L1, I got the sense that the questions on the actual test are more similar to the BB & EOCs than anything else.

Does anyone (preferably retakers who have sat through the test before) feel the same for L2? Also - how have you all been doing on these questions for your last pass through the material? Want to make sure Im not giving myself a false sense of confidence (although maybe thats not such a bad thing at this stage of the game) wink

there are “some” good EOC problems, some topics are better than others… derivatives EOC should be reviewed… but between sorting out the easy ones and flipping page/ accessing the ebook, overall… its not worth it

… im just focusing on the CFAI practice online