to TOP 1% in june 08 lvel1 people

to people who got 70% above in all topic how many hours did you study? what are ur strategy?

how is someone who got 70%+ in all in the top 1%?

I don’t qualify for this thread because I got between 50-70 on Quant, but would like to throw my 2 cents at this one. studied well over 350+ from jan-june. Busted ass on weekends and strictly did schweser. Went threw the books a couple times, then went to CFAI books just for practice questions. Did all of the CFA mocks AND samples and felt well prepared for the exam. In fact I wrote each section in about and hour and 20 mins each and felt good about it afterwards. For L2 I am going to do strictly CFAI books (nothing better to study if you have the time) and will do all the practice questions I can find. Also will stay on this forum, as I found it such a great tool for area’s I felt weak on, and also to impart some knowledge on the stuff I felt strong on

I dont know how a person can be in top 1%, if he/she scored >70% in all subjects. I did score >70% in all subjects. I had no idea that I will be able to do it. As a matter of fact 15 days before exam, I was thinking I have very little chances of passing and night before the exam, I was definitely a fail. I could not believe the screen when I checked my results. I studied schweser and cfai books combined, making some hodgpodge out of them. I did study ethics, equity, fixed income, QM, Corp Fin, and FSA out of CFAI texts and the rest from schweser. You have to live, eat, and breath this exam for last 3 months. One last thing, I did managed to complete almost 7000 to 8000 questions (Qbank, schweser practice exam, CFAI end of reading exercises, sample and mock exams) before the exam. End of chapter exerciese from CFAI text is very essential in getting the concepts right. I dont think there is any recipe to get >70% in all subjects. During the exam, the clock ticks very fast, you just have to manage time and yourself and make the most out of what you have studied.

I started the last week in January and did schweser. I looked to CFAI books when I didn’t get something or just wanted to learn a bit more. did all the CFAI questions that were on prior exams, both CFAI mocks, and only about 15% of the Qbank q’s. I made >70 in all sections except quant, which I got 50-70 I honestly didn’t think I would pass…the highest I got on any practice exam was a 65 (but I got a 65 on the last three I took). one thing that I think helped towards the end was working out believe it or not. I think it helped with the stress and kept me “fresh” per se