To tweet or not to tweet

OK - I am on Facebook because most of my wife’s family and social network (parents from kid’s school etc) are and I don’t want to ask her every time they have something to say. I am on WhatsApp because my extended family is.

As a fairly old guy (compared to you young ones), is there a reason I need to be on Twitter as well? Am I missing something not available through FB, WhatsApp, news from the Internet and TV, etc?

If you are selective on who you follow, Twitter can be a very interesting source of info. I never tweet, but just read the tweets of those I follow.

twitter is the fastest source of information available. i think it’s great for the news but nearly meaningless for a friend group unless you actually care about someones thoughts during the day

Twitter is the only social networking site I’ve ever even thought of joining.

I’m pretty sure people would like to know what’s on my mind, all the time.

Twitter is great for news and information. I follow close to 1,500 people that are all finance/business/sports/people that I am interested in following. I do not use it for friend updates (use FB and Instagram for that). Love twitter and it is great for watching TV as well as interacting with shows/sports commentators etc.

Agree with everyone above, I use it to get sports updates, it’s way faster than refreshing google.

I don’t use my real name and I don’t follow friends.

The only social media accounts I have are Linkedin and Facebook.

Twitter is interesting, but not interesting enough to sign up. If I want news, I’ve got lots of magazines to read.

I don’t really even know what WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat are. However, I can’t think of any good, wholesome reason why a person would want to use Snapchat.

How the hell do you have time to actually scroll through twitter to get useful information from 1,500 different sources?

In my case, I remove people who don’t post useful information the majority of the time. So it’s more of a pot luck of interesting stuff. May be demographic data from Pew, evidence of market manipulation, or what color is that darn dress.

It is impossible to follow 1,500 poeple as you point out, but usually as I scroll through my twitter feed I find something worth reading or something worth retweeting. It is a great way to get information.

it was interesting for a while, then you just realise its a time thief and there are better things to do.

i closed my account, then put a short on TWTR.

Twitter’s useful as an information collage. You can organize the news sources and people you want to hear from with the List function. Its a very good way to keep up with recent news. I don’t use it as a social tool anymore.

Sounds like some other websites I know…

^ You short AF?