To use CFAI text or not to use CFAI text? Or both?

I have come this far without looking into using anything else but the 20 pounds of CFAI “modular” text. I was wondering how many of you have come this far without using the books at all; especially: which prep service is best? Also, I would appreciate advice and comments from those who have used both. Man! If I could go through Level III without dissecting some 2700 pages, that would be heaven.

Im still using Schwesr Level 1 materials from 2005. I figure there is enough overlap to get me through to the next round.

ruins - just memorise all the CFAI material+end of chapter Qs+solutions - sounds like you’re on the right track, you’ll be fine…

ruins, if you open up those huge volumes you will see in many cases at the end of sections they will have questions off the 2006 exam…also, it says in the “how to use the CFA program curriculum, summary section” (in the beginning of each of the books) that the end of section questions are fair game as well as all examples. if you have the time to look through, might save you a point or three.

I’ve been using Stalla material and haven’t opened the CFAI material either. I just discovered that LOS 8.31.h, finding Economic Income in CorpFin, was thinly covered in Stalla but was tested on one of CFAI’s sample exam’s. I think like petetini says, it’s wise to go through the CFAI books if you have time. I know I will.