To watch Wiley videos and then read study guide, or vice versa for L2?

Hi all,

Just wondering what are your opinions are about whether to watch Wiley video lectures before reading the study guide or vice versa?

I did not use much video learning for L1, but as L2 is on a much harder scale, I decided to purchase the Wiley package with the lecture videos. I would appreciate all opinions on what worked for you best.

Everybody will have a different preference I would say. Probably the easiest thing to do would be to think about what worked best for you at university; reading the text before or after your lectures? I imagine that the same approach would be the most effective for you.

Watch the Videos, that way when reading the text, it does not look like Greek (unless it is derivatives anyway).

It will help that the material does not seem new and your pace should be markedly faster. Make sure to do all the blue box examples.

Videos are good review to solidify the concepts in your mind. Therefore, IMO, either read, watch videos … or watch video to make imprint, read, then watch video again. Also, you’re going to want to review every few weeks and the vidoes are great at keeping up with old information.

Thanks for your input! Think I’m leaning towards watching the videos so it’ll make the text an easier read.