Toastmasters club

When I have to speak to a group of more than 10 people I freeze and get ultra anxious. As public speaking get ever so more important as you move up the corporate ladder I know I have to better this. I was told about Toastmasters club which apparently can help out with this, has any one ever been, are there results? For people that aren’t naturals at this, do you have any tips?

SIMS - You are not alone. I feel the exact same way you do. There was a toastmasters club at my last company but I never took advantage, and now I am wishing I had. The people I knew took part, enjoyed it, and felt like it was worth their time. I view it as practice in a safe environment where people aren’t going to laugh at you, and you don’t risk losing a sale or respect or whatever it is you are trying to gain from giving your speech.

I’m a decent public speaker b/c I can hide my nervousness. I’ve never done Toastmasters but have def. thought about it. I’m 99% certain that they have local toastmasters clubs across the nation where people get together and practice public speaking…there has to be one near you. Google “toastmasters” and search their site.

I took advantage of Toastmasters while working on my MBA, because they had a club. I highly recommend it. I’m not a strong public speaker, but Toastmaster’s has helped significantly. I’m now more confident of my public speaking skills and don’t fear it the same way I used to.

Seinfeld pointed out that the #2 fear people have is that of death, while public speaking is the #1 fear.

If you are looking for a different kind of fix, Google “Lefkoe Method.” This is more of a psychological approach to getting rid of public speaking fear. The theory is that fear of speaking (and similar phobias) come from our beliefs, such as “If I make a mistake I will be rejected,” which we developed and carried with us since childhood. It may sound a little hippy, but it really has merit. But Toastmasters is good for the actual presentation to groups.

I was in Toastmasters for about a year and it definately improved my ability to speak in front of groups. I highly recommend it.

I’ve been in toastmasters for a year and a half, got my CC (competent communicator) a few months ago, going to the evaluators divisional competition in a few weeks. I’ve gotten much better at structuring my thoughts, giving constructive feedback and especially putting together and giving presentations. I would highly recommend joining Toastmasters. Public speaking is a skill that can be learned.

thanks for the feedback guys, this is the kick in the rear I needed to go to their next meeting. I’ll have a look at the Lefkoe method too.

Sims Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > thanks for the feedback guys, this is the kick in > the rear I needed to go to their next meeting. > I’ll have a look at the Lefkoe method too. Sims, when you’re reading about the Lefkoe method just remember…it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. Listen man, it’s not your fault.


what about the dale carnegie courses, anyone familiar with that?

Is that like the “How to win friends and influence people” series?

They actually have 16 week practical courses, but it cost an arm and a leg. I’m thinking of taking it though.

this might sound funny but it’s a serious suggestion – do more public karaoke.