Toastmasters immigration topics

So i have joined a toastmasters club to improve my public skills and up my public speaking and accents. I have decided to give a presentation on why Canada and other developed countries need stronger and tougher and stricter immigration policies not letting the scums that pollute society. I decided that this topic is discussed thus i need the help of others here. Please give me reasons and let us brain storm

Reason #1: Clowns like you would be forced to stay in India.

I came from malaysia. Don’t be offensive, you will regret this


One of the greatest orators alive vs. crooked H on immigration.

Anyone ever have the sudden craving for waffles?

if there was an iHop in my city i’d be heading there after that post for some pancakes.

Like our President, I model my public speaking after Bane from the Dark Knight Rises. Tearing down the establishment is a big hit at weddings, I can tell you.

I hear Perkins has better waitresses.

“The NAFTA deal signed by her husband is one of THE worst deals ever made of ANY kind signed by ANYBODY. It’s a disaster.”

LOL roasted

There’s a big beautiful Indian in the sky . It’s his home it’s where he lives

I’ve never been to a Perkins. Where are they locateD?

Founded in 1958, Perkins operates 400 restaurants in 33 states and five Canadian provinces. The Perkins system includes 134 company-owned and operated restaurants and 266 franchised units. The Company also has a baked goods manufacturing division operating under the name Foxtail which manufactures pies, pancake mixes, cookie dough, and muffin batter for in-store bakeries and third-party customers. The combination of the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery chain with Marie Callender’s occurred in 2006. Marie Callender’s consists of 38 company and 30 franchised restaurants in 6 states; it is famous for its fresh-baked pies and has a national presence through supermarket frozen entrée lines offered by ConAgra. Private investment funds managed by Wayzata Investment Partners LLC are the majority owners of Perkins & Marie Callender’s Holding LLC, the parent company of the Perkins & Marie Callender’s group of companies.

Why do breakfast places dump all that whipped cream, sugary fruit, syrup, etc. all over their waffles? That’s why I tend to get bacon & eggs or French toast or a good corned beef hash. Once in a blue moon, I get the blueberry pancakes - and with real blueberries, not those fake little blue dye spots!!!)

I sure do now. Belgian with strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup please. Double shot espresso and plate of bacon on the side please. Oh and 6 scrambled eggs too. I’m slightly hungry. Make that 2 plates of bacon, no no no, 3…

cause fresh strawberries and fresh cream taste good in the mouth

Why did you have to say that it tasted good “in the mouth” specifically…?

^ Perhaps because they don’t taste good in the rectum?

Gotta love Trump!!!

You’re the most worthless person on this forum