Today I Learned...

…that Queen’s song “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a top 10 hit twice. It reached #9 in April 1976, then reached #2 in May 1992 (thank you, Wayne’s World). As a result, it was their first top 10 hit, and also their last top 10 hit. (Freddie Mercury died in November 1991.)

…that Charlie Ward, quarterback for Florida State, won the Heisman Trophy, then had a twelve-year career in the NBA. He’s the only Heisman Trophy winner to play in the NBA. He never played a down in the NFL.

He was also drafted by a MLB team, and probably could have played professional tennis.

^Yeah, that was where I got the idea. But we didn’t have a TIL on AF, so I decided to start one.

Nice, I like it. Unfortunately most days I don’t learn anything interesting.

There were several years in the mid-late 90’s during which the best quarterback in New York was unfortunately playing for the Knicks, not the Giants or Jets.

…that my wife has never seen “Silence of the Lambs”.

I know this because I did the tuck-and-dance while playing “Goodbye Horses”, and she was absolutely mortified.

I think she got it on video. I’ll post it if she sends it to me.

Either way, I believe that’s the correct response.