Today I’ve started talking to case subjects. Shall I seek help?

While reading the question sets, I started talking to the persons in the case:

“ No Ms Cady, this is a bad decision, you don’t wanna loose your hard earned money in this investment. Think it over baby”

It happened a couple of times today. Just today

In some of the cases I was talking like Barry White, deep voice and flirting with the ladies; in others it was like Jim Carey, Will Smith, Michael Keaton’s Batman voice (annoying), Darth Vader, and Princess Anna from Frozen.

I am a successful man with an amazing social life and surrounded by wonderful people. Am I starting to losing it?Shall I seek professional help?

I’d like to refer you to the 3rd comment in this thread, and then your subsequent reply =)

umm… and schizophrenic . CFA had its sweet revenge. I thought I was sailing through this smooth and easy

You know this sh!%. You’ll do fine man.

I invited Kim the Asian ethics chick for a barneval 2 way. She never showed up though.

im starting to worry my neighbors think im a psycho. i like to pace around my house when doing flash cards. probably looks like im walking around talking to my self for hours at a time

Or he’ll think you’re reviewing a hit list. Especially with the creepy gaze following reading something complicated.

When asked something like:

Is Whitney’s approach to rebalancing a portfolio using dollar duration most likely correct?

My first thought is:

I don’t know. Probably Not.