Today it officially HIT me. Screwed or still do-able?

Anyone else feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they still have to do in order to be in somwhat decent shape for the test? I’m REALLY behind my original schedule (primarily b/c after a great study month in Jan, I goofed off most of Feb & half of Mar).

So far, I’ve read the Schweser Notes + BB, made personal notes for each reading, and now going through Elan Videos (am a visual learner and videos really helped at L1 so hoping trend continues in June as I barely rmbr anything I read…). I’ve also completed about 25% of CFAI EOCs & ~1K Q-bank questions (from Schweser & FQ), but only multiple choice and averaging about 60%. Obviously not retaining much even after covering the material w/variety of sources.

I have yet to do any item set practice q-bank ?s/BB & EOCs from CFAI text or full review & mocks. Wondering if at this point I should just focus on the heavy weights or continue chugging and hope i’ll make it to the finish line. DEF giving it my all - just not sure HOW?

I work a f/t job and probably won’t be able to take more than a few days off here and there between now and June, but have a pretty standard m-f 9-7 job, w/ few late nights a month.

I’ve had a pretty terrible day listening to Basit guy from Elan go on and on and on about things that still remain somewhat of a mystery so calling it an early night and hoping tomorrow is a better day.

You’re further ahead than I am, and I don’t feel that pressured even. So far I’ve made it through the material once. Started review yesterday. But then again I’m only working 25hrs per week.

I havent even finished reading yet… gonna take 6 weeks off work and study full time starting mid april…

If you don’t understand some stuff, be sure to ask questions here. I’ve heard that some of these folks are rather helpful.

If it’s any consolation Fatso, I’m feeling panicked as well. I’m trying to get through a 2nd pass after not really retaining much from 1st pass. I haven’t really done any QBank either. I’m trying to get through a 2nd read + EOC + making notes for each topic but feel there just isn’t enough time. I need an extra month.

I’m going to focus on FRA even though I really hate it. I’m actually going to try to read the CFAI text for at least the middle study session (pensions, intercorporate, etc). If I can nail this section I feel like I might have a chance. If time permits, same for the valuation models part of Equity.

I refuse to let panic set in. I refuse. I am not far at all. I am going through the schweser notes in the order they have been given to us and also the videos at the same time. I am about to finish FRA, then have 3 more books to go. I will try a book a week and go through all the material again and then do EOCs. I am very behind. But thou shall not panic!

I have that feeling too, but try to fight it off…worrying doesn’t help. Just lock down and remember you have two full months to keep banging in the material…just do as many questions as you can…memorize the formulas and I bet by this time in April you will see it coming together.

You are not alone. I still have a lot of reading to do and I don’t have what I’ve already read mastered despite doing the EOC Qs for everything.

My boss came in this AM and was talking to me about it (old school charterholder) and was asking me how I was doing because I’ve been staying late trying to get a couple hours each nite this week…can’t go home w/ 2 little kids. Just hit me that I’m behind and I need to pick it up and become a monk and start devoting as much as I can.

I just keep telling myself that if I increase the suffering now for the next two months, it will decrease the overall suffering that will happen if I fail and then have to study again for it not to mention the feeling of failure and embarassment. No pressure or anything :slight_smile:

THANK YOU EVERYONE - it’s been so tiring b/c all I’m doing these days is: study/work/study/sleep and as you can tell from the list above, I STILL have alot of sh*t to still do before I’m anywhere near ready. I don’t think anything on my to-do list is worth skipping (i.e. review is essential where things all come together vs. individual SS focus, EOCs - duh, FQ item-set - feel I need serious exposure to vignettes, etc) so if I can’t skip anything and have only 2 months w/ft job, then can’t help but panic…the thought of failure/band 9-10 is slowly starting to creep in and it’s just really stressful.

Anyway - thanks again for the support - hard to tell the fam who wants to be encouraging but seriously has NO IDEA how difficult this journey is. Start PO’s videos today so maybe that’ll get me going. I’m doing one last fam dinner Sat night and then hoping to lock myself at the office everynight from 4/1 - I MUST PASS THIS, GOD WILLING, I WILL PASS THIS!

Wow, you seem like the type of person who ‘needs to be worried’ all the time, in order to ‘perform’. You are way ahead of me in study schedule.

I’m also a worry-wart in everything. At times when I feel a sense of calm or that things are properly in line, it only lasts but a brief moment because I get paranoid that something bad is bound to occur.

Lately, I’ve been breaking out of this cycle, been like this all my life but only rarely did ‘constant anxiety’ actually ‘help’ me. Overall, it’s destroyed me in many aspects of life.

eh, not like it’s a big deal or anything. Just kidding, you’ll be fine, I get the distinct feeling that most of the people on this forum will be fine. This forum has a way of making you want to go in the corner and cry because you feel like your not ready and it also has a way of making you feel like you are going to be better than the people that are surrounding you while you’re taking the test. I would imagine it is somewhere in the middle, just do what you go to do and it will work out.

I started panicking this week, too. I went back and did some EOC questions I had already done for topics I studied towards the beginning. I did not score well.

Then I remembered my Level I experience. I remember taking my first practice exam in May and scoring a 55%. I came on AF and saw that every one else was scoring 70+ and started freaking out. I ended up passing pretty comfortably after a month of hard review and practice exams. I am hoping to have a similar experience this time around. I’m hoping to finish the material by the middle of April so I can move on to practice exams ASAP because I think they are the most effective study tool for me.

Good luck everyone!

You’re not that bad in shape. Idk what people are talking about, but I think a healthy dose of panic and worry is actually good and conducive to getting sh!t done. But if you’re seriously worried and feel demoted, just focus on FRA, EQUITY, and CF. Acing these 3 topics will not only give you a better than 50% chance of passing, but also give you a sense of relief when glazing over other areas.

Personally, I’ve read and reviewed equity and FRA around to 3 to 4 times, compared to other topics which I’m in the process of reviewing for the first time at the moment.

Take a breather :

Eh, it’s more than 2 months from now. Chill out. Some people don’t even start until now.

BINGO! I wasn’t trying to make others feel like I’ve done more than them nor am I discounting for my good progress, just the fact that there is ALOT more to do & it feels like I’m going to run out of time with my current pace and long to-do list, leading to some serious anxiety/stress. Plus the fact that even after putting in so much time, I don’t feel like I’m retaining anything so that doesn’t help either…anyway, I’m sure things could be worse so I’ll take what I’ve got. Thanks again for the help/feedback.

CFAFATSO whats ur score in scswer q bank

I don’t sign on here much bc most of the time its a depression fest, but in the overall scheme of things its not worth worrying about…it’s a test and that’s all…if you define your worth bc of the Cfa then there are other issues one would need to deal with…in the long run you’ll succeed in life based on what you do, not what levels of the Cfa you’ve passed…I passed level 1 last June and this is 1st go at level 2. I’ve read through all the schweser readings and eoc for schweser, and am now in the process of doing the eoc for cfai…have done quant and Econ, just finished fra…main goal is to re do fra again w/ equity, cf, and ethics for the next 2 mo to hammer it in…that’s .that’s 70% of the test…the key of level 2 I believe, score big on the big sections, and have enough knowledge to eliminate 1 question in remaining sections each question as to make it at a minimum a 50/50 T/F test…that way you maximize your study time for what is most important…I am also watching the arif irfunallah videos as they help drill things in…no reason to stress take your time and focus to get what you know right…and hit the big sections…in the end its just a test, small step to what’s next